• Using an International Benchmark to make a Business Case for Asset Management
  • Framework for Asset Risk – Management of Aging Assets
  • The Asset Management Landscape within the context of ISO55000
  • The Role of effective Public Private Partnership (PPP) in delivering Infrastructures
  • Is Sustainability relevant for Developing Nations?
  • Impact of Regular Maintenance on Health & Safety
  • Fundamentals of Asset Integrity Risk Management
  • The Fundamentals of Maintenance Planning
  • The Concept & Challenges of Infrastructure Planning
  • Data Governance, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Finance, Culture & Strategy Asset Management: The Key to Decision Making
  • Closing the gap between Engineering Plans and Financing Realities  Human Resources
  • Choosing the Right People – Recruiting the Dream Team
  • Organisation Culture and Maintenance Culture – Is there a link?
  • Asset Management Leadership Skills & Emotional Intelligence

…and much more


  • Providing Sustainable Power through an efficient Asset Management & Maintenance Strategy
  • A National Approach to the Sustainable Management of Public Projects and Infrastructure
  • The Role of Governance in Developing an Asset Maintenance Culture